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In the world of industrial laundry technology, Thielen Automation acts as a central interface which connects any manufacturer while providing crucial data to support your business on its way to the “digital laundry”.

How we work

update - integrate - upgrade

Our qualified and experienced team leads your laundry into the modern era. Through targeted modernization of existing facilities, the integration of new, innovative systems and the precise optimization of your logistics processes, we together lay the foundation for a "digital laundry". Our goal is not only to meet current standards, but also to prepare you as effectively as possible for the future challenges, thereby sustainably increasing your efficiency and productivity.




optimize your existing process

Disruptions and interruptions in the operational structure of a laundry facility cost time and profit.

However, it is not always necessary to replace the entire system of your laundry to make it future -ready. An exciting alternative to buying new equipement is retrofitting. Through the targeted renewal of control and software, process times can be optimized, energy can be saved, which increases makes your laundry more sustainable.
We are happy to advise you on how to best improve your existing machines and systems. Regardless of the manufacturer, our experienced team ensures the optimization of your machines and monorails.

Whether it is a washing tunnel, centrifuge or monorail – through targeted modernization measures and digital integration, productivity and efficiency can be significantly increased.

Designing and planning

new planning for efficiency

With our years of experience, we understand that every laundry facility is unique and has individual requirements. Our approach to redesign focuses on developing tailored solutions that perfectly fit our customers' needs.

Our redesign services include:

  1. Custom Needs Analysis: We initiate the process with a thorough analysis of your specific requirements. Our expert team takes the time to understand your operation, starting at existing processes but also understanding your future goals.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: We do not present you with standard solutions. Our drive lies in automated production processes where you have control over the technology you want to implement.
  3. Optimization and Efficiency Improvement: Our expert team plans not only for the present, but also for the future. We develop solutions that not only meet your current requirements, but also provide room for growth and continuous improvement.

At Thielen Automation, we view collaboration as a true partnership. Together with you, we aim to find the best ways to optimize your laundry. With our years of experience and commitment, we offer tailored solutions aimed at increasing your operational efficiency and ensuring long-term success.


the latest developments

At Thielen Automation, we offer reliable and modern machines that significantly improve the logistic process in laundries. Whether monorail, separator or lift: our engineering team provides a tailor-made solution for each machine without compromising on quality.

The latest developments:

We are proud to soon present our latest innovation: the integration of robotics into laundry facilities.
We are proud to announce our latest innovation: the integration of robotics into laundry operations. With this initiative, we are pioneering new frontiers and distinctly setting ourselves apart from the existing technology in the industry, truly breaking new grounds.

Stay tuned for the latest developments from Thielen Automation. We continue to focus on innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your laundry facility and elevate your processes to the next level. Together we shape the future of laundry technology.



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At Thielen Automation, we highly value direct contact with our customers.

We understand that each concern is unique. That's why we place great importance on precisely understanding your needs and providing personal advice.

Let’s find a solution together.

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